Pacific Shower Trolley

Pacific Shower Trolley

The Pacific Shower Trolley brings a new standard of efficiency and operating ease to the technique of trolley bathing. It is a labour saving appliance which saves the nurse physical effort and reduces bathroom labour.

It saves extra patient transfers and takes away the risk of bathroom induced back injuries. It conserves energy through the reduced of hot water and patients like the comfort and security it provides.

The Pacific Shower Trolley has a unique, patented top. It is a high - low bath tub with the tub made of flexible material. Hydrollic power raises and lowers the bottom of the tub converting it from a tub to a level transfer platform. The bottom and the perimeter are softly padded and covered with thermally insulated vinyl which is moulded into shape without seams or joints.

Two hydraulic pedals are located side by side at the head end, one raises and lwers the trolley for the patient transfer or working height, the other raises and lowers the bottom of the tub to change from tub to platform mode. The trolley is equipped with four locking castors, one steering lock a drain hose which coils at the foot end, a drain plug and inflatable pillow.

Control is simple, self explanatory, functions operate by pressing downward with the foot and the nurse's hand remain free. When the trolley is elevated to working height there is water proof barrier between wet area and the nurse so she does not need to wear water proof clothing.

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