MEDPOR Bio Materials

MEDPOR Bio Material

MEDPOR BioMaterial is manufactured from a linear high density polyethylene. Polythylene has a long history of use in surgical implants. MEDPOR BioMaterial allows for tissue ingrowth because of its interconnecting open pore structure. The firm nature of the material allows carving with a sharp instrument without collapsing the pore structure. MEDPOR BioMaterial in blocks, sheets & pre formed anatomical shapes are intended for augmentation & restoration procedures in craniofacial applications.

The porosity of MEDPOR BioMaterial is maintained large, with average pore sizes greater than 100 micro-meters and pore volume in 50% range ( measured by mercury intrusion porosimetry ). Animal data has demonstrated that MEDPOR BioMaterial permits tissue ingrowth. Histologic analyses of biopsies from human implants have also demonstrated tissue ingrowth. The clinical significance of tissue ingrowth may vary with the application and implant size. In Vitro and Vivo biocompatibility studies have shown MEDPOR BioMaterial to be free from any unobservable systemic or cyto toxic effects.

Select from an array of Anatomical shapes, sheets, blocks and spheres including

  • Pre formed shapes for Chin, nasal, malar and mandible augmentation

  • FLEX BLOCKS, FLEX BLOCK TF, FLEX BLOCK cranial grid implant for temproral and frontal countouring.

  • Reconstructive shapes of Surgical and traumatic defects and microtic ears.

  • Sheets, wedges, and rims for orbital floor, enophthalmos and rim repair.

  • Spheres and conical shapes for enucleation and eviseration procedures.

  • Blocks and sheets for surgeon's custom shaping

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