DermaGrip - Elasticated Pressure Gradient Covers

It is a specially designed elasticated tubular fabric meant to provide physiologically correct and constant pressure over the area of application. It is a superior & inexpensive substitute of Crepe bandage and consequently all the indications for the use of crepe bandage are indications for the use of Pressure Gradient Covers.

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Dermagrip is a specially woven 100% cotton fabric, embeded with elastic yarn to provide graded compression. Dermagrip provides a physiological compression of 15-25mm of Hg for the upper extremities & 25-40mm of Hg for the lower extremities.

Dermagrip is offered in various material options of skin cotton and double stretch skin coloured lycra. All product shapes & sizes are available in all varities of fabric choices.

It is used for the following indications / purposes:

  • For treatment of Varicose Veins
  • For post burn Hypertrophic scars
  • For treatment of mild to moderate Lymphoedema
  • For various muscular spasms and joint problems including sprains
  • For venous support after By Pass surgery

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