Titanium Plating Systems for craniomaxillofacial osteosynthesis

The NORMED titanium plating system features six modular components which include all indication s for osteosynthesis in craniomaxillofacial surgery.

The nomenclature of the system as such is based on diameter of the titanium screws being part of individual sets - System Micro 1.0 - System Reconstruction 2.7, and a visual distinction by individually assigned clour code.

Each single implant system offers a variety of possibilities for the user. The wide selection of imparts, instruments and accesories, as well as organizer trays for storage and sterlization, are clearly arranged and packed in a stream lined system.The defined color coding system allows for easy identification and storage of implants, drill bits and tools, eliminating any confusion.

All implant system are available as standardized sets or - according to specific requirements - in individual composition. Combinations of different implant systems (combo- systems) as well as " tailor made " sets are manufactured individually according to your specifiactions.

The designated color code allows a clear & therefore unmistakable assignation "Implants - Twist Drills- Instrumentation - Storage "

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